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True Colours is the name of a new shade in the palette of international sales companies.
The company was established in a partnership between Italian powerhouses Lucky Red Distribution and Indigo Film Production with the aim of bringing the best of Italian and international arthouse cinema worldwide.

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True Colours
Largo Italo Gemini 1 – 00161 Rome
Tel:+39 06 37 35 2334
Fax: +39 06 37 35 2310

Catia Rossi
MD & Head of Interntional Sales / catia[@]

Gaetano Maiorino
Festival & Sales Manager / gaetano[@]

Giulia Casavecchia
Sales Manager / giulia[@]

Francesca Tiberi
Sales Executive / francesca[@]

Irene Panizzi
Accounting Dept. / irene[@]